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April 2015 was an average month for me on Cafepress but hey, a few days ago I have received my second cash out from them. So I am pretty happy about what’s happening over there. During April 2015, I have sold these three items:

You might wonder why I am posting less. Ah well, life offline is too busy.

Zazzle is working fine for me, Christmas season 2013 was not as great as Christmas 2012 (I had expected to earn a lot more!) but it is decent.

On Cafepress, I made three more sales (hurray!) so that also seems to work well for me.

But the most surprising online earning since November is Youtube. Yes, Youtube! I started to regularly post interesting niche videos and suddenly my views skyrocketed. I am now counting in thousands, not in tens as I used to *lol*

My Youtube channel can be found here, in case you are a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey. It definitely pays off to hop on a bandwagon *lol* I have earned over $100 in the last 30 days and views keep increasing.

In order to earn money with Youtube you need an Adsense account by Google.

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Guess what I found on Zazzle’s front page? They are featuring the shop “Iconic Seattle” with photos from Getty Images and it just suits my current obsession (greysession?) as a Fifty Shades fan. Sorry, it’s the truth! In case you haven’t checked out my own new shop category “Fifty Shades of Seattle” yet, what are you waiting for?

Ok, let’s start with Getty Images, here are the most beautiful products with their Seattle photos:

Seattle city watch
Seattle city watch by iconicseattle
Create your own custom Watches at zazzle.com

A beautiful and dramatic sunset seen from West Wristwatch
A beautiful and dramatic sunset seen from West Wristwatch by iconicseattle
Find additional Wristwatches at zazzle.com

Seattle from Kerry Park. Case For iPhone 5C
Seattle from Kerry Park. Case For iPhone 5C by iconicseattle
Find additional iPhone 5/5C cases at Zazzle

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