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April 2015 was an average month for me on Cafepress but hey, a few days ago I have received my second cash out from them. So I am pretty happy about what’s happening over there. During April 2015, I have sold these three items:

Yay, I am pretty proud of my latest review as it is the best I have received so far πŸ™‚


I have received 5 out of possible 5 stars:


Reviewed by Jules 7/31/2013
Product Quality: Excellent
Print Quality: Excellent
Recommended: Yes
Recommended for: Myself
Shipped on time: Yes
About the product:

I chose this magnet for the in/out board at my work and to remember my trip to LA. I liked the picture of the pier and the colors used. It reminded me of my first trip there.

About the print:
I was very pleased with the size and quality of the picture. The picture was better than I thought it would be.


Thank you so much, Jules!

Finally, one day with five sales without any cancellation!

The last time, one of the five sales got cancelled but this time, they are here to stay.

The first item I have sold is a t-shirt I had created a few months ago. The buyer is Andrew in Maidenhead, United Kingdom. This shirt has earned me Β£1.10 GBP in royalty:

I am not good with numbers... tshirts
I am not good with numbers… tshirts by stineshop
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The second (and third) item goes to Caroline in Mount Pleasant, SC. It’s strange that she has bought this item twice instead of order two in the first place, but thanks twice for earning me $1.28 twice:

Sacramento: Tower Bridge from Capitol Mall Photo Plaques
Sacramento: Tower Bridge from Capitol Mall Photo Plaques by stineshop
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The fourth sale is my first sold necklace or jewelry in general and goes to Karolyn in Dublin, OH. this royalty-free photo has earned me $2.83 this time:

Heart in Sand Necklaces
Heart in Sand Necklaces by stineshop
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And to finish this awesome day, number 5 is a magnet for Susan in Hopewell Jct, NY:

Neuschwanstein Castle - Schloss Neuschwanstein Fridge Magnets
Neuschwanstein Castle – Schloss Neuschwanstein Fridge Magnets by stineshop

This has earned me $0.39 in royalty.

Thank you all for purchasing my products!


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October 26th was my birthday and I like it that I had a sale on that day.

October 26th was my birthday and what a coincidence: I have sold a product with a photo that was shot on October 26th LAST YEAR. What does Zazzle want to tell me with this? I don’t know *lol*

Derek in Bath (UK) has bought this extraordinary magnet:

BAYER Kreuz Leverkusen Magnets
BAYER Kreuz Leverkusen Magnets by stineshop
Create magnets with zazzle

It features the BAYER cross at night, a famous and really huge landmark in Leverkusen, Germany.

Derek has earned me Β£0.28 GBP for my birthday. Thank you, Derek πŸ™‚


Hurray, Thursday was another “Triple Sale Day” with three sales on Zazzle!

I love triple sale days πŸ™‚

Hope in Greenwich, CT was the first to make me happy. She purchased 30 (yes, THIRTY!) of these beautiful magnets:

Neuschwanstein Castle - Schloss Neuschwanstein Fridge Magnets
Neuschwanstein Castle – Schloss Neuschwanstein Fridge Magnets by stineshop
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I really wonder what she will do with 30 magnets. Maybe she will sell them in a gift shop? Hope, if you are reading this… I really would love to know it *lol*

This huge sale earned me $8.10 in royalty alone – plus some Volume Bonus for October!

The second one was James in Philadelphia, PA with a sheet of these stickers:

Computer Circuits Square Stickers
Computer Circuits Square Stickers by stineshop
Get the best in sticker printing at zazzle.

A geeky or nerdy gift idea… might also be cool for scrap booking. Anyway, James has earned me $0.42 in royalty plus Volume Bonus!

And now drumroll for number three: Gillian from Abington, PA has bought this cool iPhone 5 case:

Santa Monica Pier Photo Collage iPhone 5 Cover
Santa Monica Pier Photo Collage iPhone 5 Cover by stineshop
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Gillian has earned me $4.44 in royalty plus bonus.

My total earnings for yesterday are more than $10 plus the Volume Bonus of additional 7%!

If you are drooling right now and would love to know how on earth I have become so popular on Zazzle, you might want to check out my eBook with a free sample:

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