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This is my first folio planner I have sold!

Honestly, I had not expected to ever sell one but it seems they are handy Christmas gifts!

Siyuan from Tampa, FL has bought one with a photo of a small boat in Hamburg, Germany:

Hamburg or Venice? Folio Planners
Hamburg or Venice? Folio Planners by stineshop
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This folio planner has earned me $4.80 in royalty plus an additional 7% volume bonus! Thank you so much, Siyuan!


Angers is a beautiful picturesque city in France.

We had been to Angers around Easter in 2012 and we like this town in the Loire Valley.

Obviously, William from Alvaton in KY also liked it and has bought this pretty post card:

Chateau d'Angers - Garden inside the Fortress Post Cards
Chateau d’Angers – Garden inside the Fortress Post Cards by stineshop
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This card features the beautiful garden inside the fortress. You should definitely stop by when you’ll ever be near!

William has earned me $0.08 in royalty. Thank you, William!


October 26th was my birthday and I like it that I had a sale on that day.

October 26th was my birthday and what a coincidence: I have sold a product with a photo that was shot on October 26th LAST YEAR. What does Zazzle want to tell me with this? I don’t know *lol*

Derek in Bath (UK) has bought this extraordinary magnet:

BAYER Kreuz Leverkusen Magnets
BAYER Kreuz Leverkusen Magnets by stineshop
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It features the BAYER cross at night, a famous and really huge landmark in Leverkusen, Germany.

Derek has earned me £0.28 GBP for my birthday. Thank you, Derek 🙂


If you’re going to San Francisco…

Terri in Northglenn, CO liked my relatively new postcard featuring a Victorian house in San Francisco, California. This is one of many really beautiful houses you can find in this city – not only the famous Painted Ladies on Alamo Square.

Victorian House in San Francisco Post Card
Victorian House in San Francisco Post Card by stineshop
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As there are gazillions of photos available of the Painted Ladies, I thought it would be a good idea to also add photos of houses that are less known but still pretty. And I guess I was right, I sold this postcard less than 4 weeks after creating it.

Terri has earned me $0.06 in royalty, thank you!


I had two sales on October 22nd, read all about it here:

Hurray, October means increased sales with Christmas just around the corner! I had two sales on October 22nd.

The first item is a postcard that was bought by Gregoire in Nashville, TN:

Santa Monica Pier Postcards
Santa Monica Pier Postcards by stineshop
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This card is my most popular postcard at the moment and to be honest – it is one of the most beautiful Santa Monica photos you can find online *lol* This sale has earned me $0.11.

The second sale is a drinking bottle with a royalty-free image. Noreen is Yeronga, Australia has bought it and this makes her the second “Aussie” to buy a product from my shop. Thank you, Noreen!

Sunset in Serengeti, Tanzania Water Bottle
Sunset in Serengeti, Tanzania Water Bottle by stineshop
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This beautiful water bottle has earned me $3.99 AUD.


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