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A postcard sale to Germany, hurray!

Sonja from Wesel is one of my not so many German customers. I am really proud to sell something to my fellow countrymen (and -women) *lol*

Sonja has bought three of these postcards:

Grazing Sheep by the Rhine Post Card
Grazing Sheep by the Rhine Post Card by stineshop
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This photo was shot along the river Rhine near Leverkusen, looking at Cologne. This postcard once has one an award:

Top 10 Postcards Views April 28, 2012

This is your chance for some free ads:

Post a comment with your favourite postcard as comment 🙂


October 26th was my birthday and I like it that I had a sale on that day.

October 26th was my birthday and what a coincidence: I have sold a product with a photo that was shot on October 26th LAST YEAR. What does Zazzle want to tell me with this? I don’t know *lol*

Derek in Bath (UK) has bought this extraordinary magnet:

BAYER Kreuz Leverkusen Magnets
BAYER Kreuz Leverkusen Magnets by stineshop
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It features the BAYER cross at night, a famous and really huge landmark in Leverkusen, Germany.

Derek has earned me £0.28 GBP for my birthday. Thank you, Derek 🙂