My Redbubble Sales in December 2020

Yeah, some more Redbubble Sales in December 2020 right before Christmas. I must admit it seems to get better and better – ever so slightly – from year to year. Not really paying well yet, but a few extra cents and uploading / creating products is fast. You just need to get a foot intoContinue reading “My Redbubble Sales in December 2020”

My Redbubble Sales in October 2020

Who would have guessed that my Redbubble sales would pick up like this? Years and years of promotion finally seem to bear fruit *sigh* I guess it was uploading and uploading and uploading tons of new designs and photos, that finally helped with the sales.        

My Redbubble Sale in July 2020

In July 2020, I had two successful sales on Redbubble. This is rather good for me since Redbubble is not the perfect print on demand website for my photo designs. I am proud of these two designs to have been worthy *lol*