My Redbubble Sales in October 2020

Who would have guessed that my Redbubble sales would pick up like this? Years and years of promotion finally seem to bear fruit *sigh* I guess it was uploading and uploading and uploading tons of new designs and photos, that finally helped with the sales.        

My Redbubble Sale in July 2020

In July 2020, I had two successful sales on Redbubble. This is rather good for me since Redbubble is not the perfect print on demand website for my photo designs. I am proud of these two designs to have been worthy *lol*  

My most popular print on demand cloth face masks ðŸ˜·

It really is interesting to see that I do not have that ONE mask design that I am selling like crazy on all print on demand websites. No… as always with every product, I do have one most popular design per page and they couldn’t be more varied… I thought it might be nice toContinue reading “My most popular print on demand cloth face masks ðŸ˜·”

Lots of new products on Redbubble – let’s hustle! ðŸ˜Ž

You know, I do not really know whether I love or hate Redbubble. I love their uploader, creating products from a new design is relatively fast. But I do hate the process of adding newly available products to older designs! Every fu**ing time! There is no quick, fast and easy way to activate new products.Continue reading “Lots of new products on Redbubble – let’s hustle! ðŸ˜Ž”