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With 28 sales, December 2020 was not that exciting on Zazzle. But I did sell a few higher priced items not just the usual cheap postcards. And most Christmas shopping was done in November already. So I am not sad. Let’s take a look at my Zazzle sales in December 2020:

Yay, a new month and new blog posts possible about my online earnings with print on demand and stock photography. I will start with Zazzle today, I was very pleased!

I could refer five of my own products to be sold – that’s lovely additional 15% of the sales on top of my commission. Thank you very much to all the buyers, I was able to promote a local face mask design in a Facebook group and people from my town loved it:

This was one of my best selling products in November, I did sell more than those 5 but the self-referral only worked 5 times. Anyway, I am so happy it worked out well on Facebook!
And now on to the remaining sales, not bad either:
This photograph has been added during November to my shops and I am also very pleased that it found a buyer so fast. Thank you 🙂

Without further ado or any comments, these are the products I could sell at least once on Zazzle in October 2020:

My Zazzle Sales in August 2020

August 2020 was another good month for me on Zazzle, I was able to sell the following products – some multiple times.

Since I did not sell more products with the reduced 5% royalty, I will switch it back to 14.9% on September 20 – just in time for the holiday season of 2020. I expect Christmas themed cloth face masks to be a hit, but we will see about that in January 2021 *lol*


My Zazzle Sales in July 2020

Zazzle is still my most popular print on demand shop with the best and most earnings. Puzzle sales came to a hault, but masks seem to keep selling! And I do notice that I have sold a few older products/designs that I had shared in June to revive them. It worked again!

And I have one more referral sale, meaning I referred the sale of a product that a different designer had created:

And here and the products I have sold in July, many of the masks more than just once:

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