My remarkable Zazzle Sales in May, June and July 2021

Not much ado about it, let’s just take a look at some of the sold products on Zazzle that made me smile or ponder: Minimalist Black and White Seattle Skyline Rubber Stamp by stineshop White lined Paper Niagara Falls in Winter Tripod Lamp Queen Mary Cruise Ship Adult Cloth Face Mask Niagara Falls Skylon TowerContinue reading “My remarkable Zazzle Sales in May, June and July 2021”

My Society6 Sales in November 2020

In November 2020 I had 5 sales of my own designs and one more referral sale, yay ✨ This is the product I referred a sale to with my curator link:   And here we go with my own designs:          

My Recent CowCow Sales: September 2015

After 4 months of no sales (not a surprise), I was able to sell 4 smartphone cases on CowCow. I am wondering why smartphone cases and nothing else? And the earnings are pretty ridiculous, depending on the model I have earned $0.10 to $0.77 – yes, that’s not a mistake, that’s CENTS! Anyway, here areContinue reading “My Recent CowCow Sales: September 2015”

Bokeh Effect iPhone 6 Wallet Cases from Zazzle

Check out these iPhone 6 wallett cases with colorful bokeh effects available on Zazzle: Santa Monica Pier Golden Purple Bokeh iPhone 6 Wallet Case by stineshop Shop for Santa monica pier Wallet Cases online at Bokeh Art iPhone 6 Wallet Case by Wonderful12345 Check out other Light Wallet Cases at Bokeh Hearts SantaContinue reading “Bokeh Effect iPhone 6 Wallet Cases from Zazzle”

My Recent theKase Sales: January 2015

January 2014 was the first month after the great Christmas sale season and I could still sell 14 cases in total which earned me $19.17. Again, there was one return but that is ok for me. I only sold two of my most popular designs, 12 cases with the first one and the other 2Continue reading “My Recent theKase Sales: January 2015”