Handy links to help with #stopimagetheft

So, you would like to help us raise awareness of the problem we independent artist from Zazzle and Society6 have with the Chinese copycats in the Amazon Marketplace? (Read about the issue HERE) Here is a list of useful links. It includes an online petition and supportive Facebook groups you are free to join. Let’sContinue reading “Handy links to help with #stopimagetheft”

My Recent CowCow Sales: September 2015

After 4 months of no sales (not a surprise), I was able to sell 4 smartphone cases on CowCow. I am wondering why smartphone cases and nothing else? And the earnings are pretty ridiculous, depending on the model I have earned $0.10 to $0.77 – yes, that’s not a mistake, that’s CENTS! Anyway, here areContinue reading “My Recent CowCow Sales: September 2015”

My Recent theKase Sales: February 2015

During February 2015, I have sold a total of 12 cases on theKase with these five designs: Related articles My Recent theKase Sales: December 2014 My Recent theKase Sales: December 2014 [Q] Wiko Rainbow stock on boot (i wasn’t trying to install custom recovery) Unofficial KitKat for Wiko DarkMoon – MT6582 Jumia signs Wiko mobileContinue reading “My Recent theKase Sales: February 2015”

Some SEO facts about my Zazzle Shop stine1shop.info

I have checked my Zazzle shop @ http://www.stine1shop.info on Google and there are some interesting facts regarding SEO I would like to share with you. I came across webutation.net, which analyzes websites and I am pretty pleased with the results I got for my Zazzle shop stine1shop.info. Here are a few screenshots that demonstrate whatContinue reading “Some SEO facts about my Zazzle Shop stine1shop.info”