Please help Lucia on #TeePublic ❤❤❤

My friend Lucia does need some TLC over on TeePublic. She has many different designs but is struggling with selling them. I am trying to help her and maybe you could find a minute to visit her store and maybe share one piece of artwork? Thank you very much advance, I will try to returnContinue reading “Please help Lucia on #TeePublic ❤❤❤”

Please help me fight image theft – theKase is not playing fair! #IAMUNIK #stopimagetheft

Unbelievable, just f***ing unbelievable. This audacity! Yes, I have an artist account with theKase. Yes, I had deleted my images MONTHS ago (last year?) and… drum roll…. theKase is still SELLING my designs on cases and earning money with it while I don’t see one cent! This is not cool, this is not UNIK! InContinue reading “Please help me fight image theft – theKase is not playing fair! #IAMUNIK #stopimagetheft”

Handy links to help with #stopimagetheft

So, you would like to help us raise awareness of the problem we independent artist from Zazzle and Society6 have with the Chinese copycats in the Amazon Marketplace? (Read about the issue HERE) Here is a list of useful links. It includes an online petition and supportive Facebook groups you are free to join. Let’sContinue reading “Handy links to help with #stopimagetheft”