My TeePublic Sales in December 2020

New year, new luck. Well, still talking about December 2020. Let’s hope for the best. I had 4 sales on TeePublic in December 2020:   I am really happy about these sales, I had never sold anything with my scenic Death Valley photo before.

Hey, that’s my Pic: BBC Serbia

Ha, you might remember this happy post from earlier this month: My EyeEm Sales in November 2020 and guess what?  Copytrack has found the sold vintage Sauerland photo on BBC Serbia! We do feel honored! My husband thought I was crazy for uploading those old photos from the 1950s to EyeEm / Getty Images. MUHAHAHAAAAAA 😜😜😜Continue reading “Hey, that’s my Pic: BBC Serbia”

Please help Lucia on #TeePublic ❤❤❤

My friend Lucia does need some TLC over on TeePublic. She has many different designs but is struggling with selling them. I am trying to help her and maybe you could find a minute to visit her store and maybe share one piece of artwork? Thank you very much advance, I will try to returnContinue reading “Please help Lucia on #TeePublic ❤❤❤”

Neuer Zazzle Onlineshop: #Pellworm Souvenirs und Geschenkideen 🗼

New German blog post about the beautiful North Sea Island Pellworm ahead 🙂 Dank Corona mussten wir wie viele anderen auch unsere Urlaubspläne für den Sommer 2020 ändern. Aus einer Rundreise durch England wurde eine Woche auf der wunderbaren grünen Insel Pellworm in der deutschen Nordsee. Und was soll ich sagen? Es war PERFEKT! DieContinue reading “Neuer Zazzle Onlineshop: #Pellworm Souvenirs und Geschenkideen 🗼”

My TeePublic Sales in July 2020

Oh my gosh, it was such a GREAT idea to finally upload something into my newly created TeePublic account! I have sold a few items already, I do recommend them for any print on demand designer!