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25 sales with only one cancellation. Not the best month but not the worst either. I have also increased my royalty percentage from 5% to 14.9% in April and it has been a good decision. No decline in number of sales but more earnings for me.


I can’t believe it’s yet another month… April has hit me WAY too fast. Where has March been? Let’s start another round of my monthly sales starting with Zazzle:

Starting July 20th (Zazzle only updates pricing due to royalty changes once a month), I will conduct an experiment. My goal is to increase sales and what will I try to achieve this? Well, my current royalty is set to 14.9% (not 15% since then Zazzle deducts 5% of your royalty earnings for fees). During my experiment, I will lower the royalty rate to 5% to the more expensive products on Zazzle, including canvas prints, messenger and laptop bags and things I seem to never sell, e.g. wristlets, wallets, belt buckles and some other stuff. On the other hand, I will increase the royalty on my 10 or 20 most popular items to 30% to see whether this will make them less attractive.

What do you think will happen after July 20?


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