My TeePublic Sales in December 2020

New year, new luck. Well, still talking about December 2020. Let’s hope for the best. I had 4 sales on TeePublic in December 2020:   I am really happy about these sales, I had never sold anything with my scenic Death Valley photo before.

My Zazzle Sales in July 2020

Zazzle is still my most popular print on demand shop with the best and most earnings. Puzzle sales came to a hault, but masks seem to keep selling! And I do notice that I have sold a few older products/designs that I had shared in June to revive them. It worked again! And I haveContinue reading “My Zazzle Sales in July 2020”

My VIDA Sales in July 2020

July 2020 has been very successful for me on Vida and I cannot stop to recommend this print on demand website to you. I have sold several cloth face masks, the notification emails seemed to never stop *lol* The first two items I have sold several times over the whole month: The following item isContinue reading “My VIDA Sales in July 2020”

My Zazzle Sales in June 2020

I had one referral sale in June, hurray! ❤ Blush Pink Spring Rustic Bohemian Floral Satin Ribbon by gift_of_heaven And these are my own sales during June 2020: RMS Queen Mary Hotel and Museum in Long Beach Postcard by stineshop AIDAluna Cruise Ship Collage Magnet Turquoise Spiderweb Santa Monica Pier Cloth Face Mask Majestic WaterfallContinue reading “My Zazzle Sales in June 2020”

30% off Beach Towels on Zazzle – Use Code: ZJUNESAVINGS 😁

Ok, maybe 2020 is not the perfect year for a summer vacation at the beach but hey, most of our neighbours finally got a swimming pool in their garden (we already have a small inflatable one) and who says beach towels are only for the beach? I do love to use huge beach towels asContinue reading “30% off Beach Towels on Zazzle – Use Code: ZJUNESAVINGS 😁”