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Everyone knows some “one hit wonders”, popular songs from bands you never heard of again after one successful song… So let’s take a look at my “one sale wonders” from Zazzle 🙂 I do hope that I might sell them again one day 😁

I have not included face masks since they are a very new product and they are still in the process of selling like crazy.

This design is rather popular, I have also sold it on Redbubble ❤
Honestly, I had no idea that I have sold an Apple Watch Band! I might create some more, I do not have many available yet… are you selling them?
Puzzles are not available at the moment and completely sold out. What a pity, they are a great earner during April!

My Zazzle Sales in May 2020

May 2020 is already over, wow it went sooooo fast. I had tons of sales in Zazzle, almost no sales on Society6 (post to follow) and another months with ZERO sales on Cafepress although they are still producing most items. I just understand the print on demand business 😜

Please sit back and relax for this plethora of Zazzle products to follow:

I don’t sell many shower curtains, so I am especially happy whenever I do sell one. Yay!
And to top it: I have sold two of these within May!
My most popular and most sold cloth face mask cover on Zazzle. I knew this motive would be a success one day 😁
Honestly, I had always thought this to be the most hindeous item in my Zazzle shop but this is NOT the first time I sold this wall vlock with the sun and the horrible overlayed numbers.
I had not sold this specific postcard in a long time and while creating face masks and going through my older products, I shared this postcard on social media. Got a new sale one day later. This also happened with a few other products so it seems sharing older items that had not been bought by any customers does revive them!
Puzzles are currently sold out on Zazzle so I have not sold as many as I COULD have sold 😒
Another OLD designs and product I could revive due to sharing them!
Aaaaaaaaaand another one! Guys, keep sharing your old products!
It’s never too early for creating and selling Christmas themed items!
I would have NEVER guessed that I would actually sell this designs – and I have sold SIX masks with it to one customer!
Honestly, ma head is spining – so many products!

Ok, I had planned to do this more often but somehow forgot about it 😦 So, here is a brand new edition of my “Zazzle Design of the Day” and this time I would like to not present my work – but a few designs one of my online friends (minx267) has up for sale.

I so love her flowers and hope you will like them, too!

Here they are:


The pansies are definitely my FAVOURITE design and I might consider buying that mousepad or a mug with it.

What do you think of these designs?

(Last updated: 2018-06-04)

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