My Zazzle “one sale wonders”

Everyone knows some “one hit wonders”, popular songs from bands you never heard of again after one successful song… So let’s take a look at my “one sale wonders” from Zazzle 🙂 I do hope that I might sell them again one day 😁

I have not included face masks since they are a very new product and they are still in the process of selling like crazy.

This design is rather popular, I have also sold it on Redbubble ❤
Honestly, I had no idea that I have sold an Apple Watch Band! I might create some more, I do not have many available yet… are you selling them?
Puzzles are not available at the moment and completely sold out. What a pity, they are a great earner during April!

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One thought on “My Zazzle “one sale wonders”

  1. That lamp brings me back. My grandma used to have one of those at her house. I can’t even remember what scene was on it but I know when we were kids we would be amazed by it and turn it on every time we went over there and watch it go round and round.


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