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Not much ado about it, let’s just take a look at some of the sold products on Zazzle that made me smile or ponder:

Just a little post from me so that you know I am still alive. I can’t believe I haven’t posted my Zazzle sales since last January. To not bore you with a loooong list of products, let me just share the remarkable ones – the ones that made me smile:

This Route 66 design is sooooo old and to be honest – not really nice to look at. It was the result of me playing with some horrible cheap filters and somehow landed on a bunch of quick create templates many, many years ago. And now someone bought 100 invitations with this design! WOOHOO!!!!

It’s similar with this St. Patrick’s Day vintage image, I finally managed to sell something with it!

Scenic Caribbean Island Saint Lucia Beach Towel
Scenic Caribbean Island Saint Lucia Beach Towel

I have not sold many beach towels yet and this one was a rather new photo design that was sold very shortly after product creation. I must have hit a niche.

Dark be the Night - Luminous Seattle Skyline Magnet
Dark be the Night – Luminous Seattle Skyline Magnet

This one was also sold a few days after creation!

I love Aruba - One happy Island Adult Cloth Face Mask
I love Aruba – One happy Island Adult Cloth Face Mask

One customer from the USA bought 24 of these – maybe for a family cruise?

With a total of ~ 70 sales for 3 months it was a rather mediocre three months.

Ever since I had found the first stolen design on the Amazon marketplace, I tried to figure out WHAT makes the Chinese copycats decide what to steal and what to copy.

One might think they copy the most popular designs and most popular products but then you take a look at the following list and none of these on Zazzle have been sold so far…

The first two are a byproduct and massive quick create use and not even that good… I would delete them but I do need them as a proof for Amazon that this is MY creation 🤦‍♀️

So here it goes, a list with Zazzle products that I have fought to remove from Amazon:

This Christmas stocking contains template text, the “Add a Name” can be edited. But this only works on Zazzle. Guess what the Amazon copycats are selling? Right, the exact thing you see in this picture!

Here are the products I have sold on Zazzle in January 2021:

It definitely helps to promote old products and old sales as you can see with this San Francisco postcard that suddenly sold again.
I keep selling this very difficult puzzle regularly since the Corona puzzle hype in late spring 2020. I could never solve a puzzle like this *lol*
Very old design with no sales… promoted it on Twitter and Pinterest and suddenly it is selling…. no comment 😉
The text looks horrible in this picture as it is a transferred design from a card in landscape format. I have no idea why this one here keeps selling from time to time….
Rather new design and I am very happy that it sold. Digital artwork based on an original vacation photo.
I have sold 200 of this design transferred to cards and I really do not know why customers do buy this ugly design. It is very old, back when quick create did work and it would create 100 products with one photo at once. I never made the effort to remove the big white border…

With 28 sales, December 2020 was not that exciting on Zazzle. But I did sell a few higher priced items not just the usual cheap postcards. And most Christmas shopping was done in November already. So I am not sad. Let’s take a look at my Zazzle sales in December 2020:

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