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After a long vacation I am back on track blogging, designing and selling print on demand items. See below the souvenirs, trinkets and gift ideas I have sold on Zazzle during June and July of 2019:

25 sales with only one cancellation. Not the best month but not the worst either. I have also increased my royalty percentage from 5% to 14.9% in April and it has been a good decision. No decline in number of sales but more earnings for me.

Fancy.com is an interesting social shopping websites a bit similar to maybe Wanelo wlthough it does look a lot different. You can even get cash in return for buying through their website but honestly, I have no idea how that works.

Anyway, it is a great website to share your products although you need to be VERY careful with spam. Do not add one than one product per day or better: one product per week. My first account got banned for spamming and now I am very rarely sharing to them.

My profile on Fancy can be found here:

Christine aka stine1 on Fancy

They do have a bookmarklet for your browser which is easy to use, you can create your Fancy account with Facebook, Google or Twitter in just a few seconds. I follow back all who follow me 🙂

I have encountered Wordle and this is really neat!

stine1 wordle

Why not try it for yourself? 🙂

There is a far better social bookmarking website out there than Pinterest! Read all about it here:

If you think that Pinterest is great and it can be used for marketing and promoting your products, you definitely will love Wanelo!

Image representing Wanelo as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

It is a relatively new website but it’s growing daily with many new active and passionate members every second. While Pinterest hates advertising, Wanelo is perfect for promoting your Zazzle, Cafepress or Etsy products.

Wanelo means: WAnt, NEed, LOve – it is all about finding, loving and BUYING cool stuff!

It is not only limited to fashion, you can pin and find all kinds of cool gadgets, home decor or other products.

So if you haven’t yet joined Wanelo, today is the day!

You can find my profile at http://wanelo.com/stine1

See you there!

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