First AI Art Sales are rolling in 😍✨ #Society6 #Teepublic #AIArt #catlovers #blogging

Hurray, I can brag about the first three products sold with my AI Art – Art created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. These are the three t-shirts: Do you like these two creations? I sure love them as they are so unique and extraordinary.

Design of the Day: Cosmic Coffee Cup ☕✨🌌 #AIArt

Enjoy this cosmic coffee or tea – the mug is floating in outer space with the coffee/tea being a swirling galaxy of stars. Unique digital artwork by Christine aka stine1 and Artificial Intelligence. Perfect fit for any kitchen or would it better fit into your office while you sip on your hot drink? Cosmic CoffeeContinue reading “Design of the Day: Cosmic Coffee Cup ☕✨🌌 #AIArt”

My Society6 Sales in November 2020

In November 2020 I had 5 sales of my own designs and one more referral sale, yay ✨ This is the product I referred a sale to with my curator link:   And here we go with my own designs:          

My Society6 Sales in October 2020

I just don’t understand Society6 anymore… after so many ups and downs and months with sales after months without any sales…. I do not understand their algorithm! October was a good month, and I even had a few curator sales I will also share with you 🙂 And these are the referred curator sales:

My Society6 Sales in September 2020

I just can’t believe that it is already OCTOBER! Time flies by as fast as never before. In September I have sold 4 products on Society6 which was rather good after a meager August. Society6 – for me – is so two-faced. There are good months followed by zero sales months and vice versa. IContinue reading “My Society6 Sales in September 2020”