First AI Art Sales are rolling in 😍✨ #Society6 #Teepublic #AIArt #catlovers #blogging

Hurray, I can brag about the first three products sold with my AI Art – Art created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. These are the three t-shirts: Do you like these two creations? I sure love them as they are so unique and extraordinary.

AI Videos by Christine aka stine1 #AIArt @Dailymotion @NightcafeStudio

Some of you might already know that I have created a few short video clips with the help of NightCafé Studio. They are based on AI generated images and the artificial intelligence made surreal videos out those images. And when I say/write surreal, I mean CRAZY 😆🌌🙀✨ Anyway, since Youtube does not like me andContinue reading “AI Videos by Christine aka stine1 #AIArt @Dailymotion @NightcafeStudio”

New Adventure: Digital Creations using AI for Art

After months and months of not finding enough energy for adding many new print on demand products, I stumbled across the awesome NightCafé which let’s you create digital art with their own Artificial Intelligence (AI) for free. I have played around it with testing the engine and it’s quite impressive. My first publication that hasContinue reading “New Adventure: Digital Creations using AI for Art”