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Splish Splash: Rainy Day Style

It may be drab out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look fab! A cute outfit layered with the right waterproof pieces means you can slay any storm. Create a set to show us your rainy day style!

Splish Splash: Rainy Day Style #rainyday



Long sleeve dress
€32 –

Canvas shoes
€34 –

Tech accessory
€7,20 –

Framed wall art
€31 –

Black and white home decor
€33 –

Text sign
€28 –

Blue home decor
€31 –

Rainy Day in NYC Canvas Print
€235 –



The perfect Match – Shoe and Bag Caribbean allover print

The perfect Match - Shoe and Bag


Let’s go to the Beach!

Let’s go to the Beach!

Let's go to the Beach!




Flip flops
$18 –

Beach scene wall art

Magnet sticker



Unbelievable… after copycats still stealing our designs from Society6, Cafepress and Zazzle the next can of worms has just been opened! Are you a designer/artist on Design by Humans (DBH)? Then you should definitely check out these Society6 members and “their” designs since they have stolen images right off DBH!

I have just searched through one user (Isabeli) and clicked through over 80 pages of stolen and copied designs to find mine. And I have reported them to Society6, maybe you would like to do the same?

Here is the link to Society6’s contact page:

I have chosen “Intellectual property concerns” and here is the message I have sent to Society6 so that you can use it as an example hoping to make it easier for you, especially when you are not good in English:


Dear Society6 Team,

I have been notified of other artists that the artwork we have uploaded to (DBH) has been stolen and uploaded to Society6 to several accounts.
Please take a look at my DBH profile and then find all artwork uploaded by Society6 user “Isabeli” as direct links. I request that you remove his/her account immediately. I will also send this message to DBH.

My profile with my artwork on DBH:

My profile with my artwork on Society6:

Copies by Isabeli:

Please note that Isabeli is not the only one stealing our work, here you can find all infringing accounts:

I surely hope that Society6 will do something about this case of copyright infringement. DBH is informed and they say that they have also contacted Society6 on this topic and are waiting on a reply. I will try to keep you posted here, too!

Grace (@soccer-vball-girl) is looking for a new beach themed icon for her profile. Why not choose mine? 🙂

Beach Icon Contest


Art prints, posters and canvas prints by Christine aka stine1. Available on various print on demand websites like Zazzle and Society6. Decorate your walls at home in style!

Prints by Christine aka stine1


Canvas wall art
€230 –

Canvas wall art
€90 –

Canvas wall art
€90 –

Abstract wall art
€77 –

Antigua wall art
€77 –

Halloween home decor
€38 –

Framed wall art
€30 –

Beach wall art
€23 –

Pop art
€23 –

Southwestern wall art
€16 –

Wall art
€12 –

Home decor
€11 –

Rainy Day in NYC Canvas Print
€255 –

Design Your Own Phone Case

Design Your Own Phone Case #MySmart


Tech accessory

Purple n’ Turquoise

Purple n’ Turquoise

Purple n' Turquoise


Fight against Image Theft on Amazon! #stopimagetheft

Fight against Image Theft on Amazon! #stopimagetheft

So, you would like to help us raise awareness of the problem we independent artist from Zazzle and Society6 have with the Chinese copycats in the Amazon Marketplace? (Read about the issue HERE)

Here is a list of useful links. It includes an online petition and supportive Facebook groups you are free to join. Let’s work on this together 🙂

  • Online Petition on
  • Facebook group “Who stole my images?” for information on what to do. It’s closed but you may request to join
  • Facebook group “Amazon1Stars” to exchange low 1 star reviews on counterfeit Amazon products. Very supportive! Request to join, it’s closed 🙂
  • I have put up a Pinterest pin you may like and share into different groups to make other artists and the public aware of the issue
  • Wheen tweet or pinning or writing on Facebook and Google+ about this issue, please use the hashtag #stopimagetheft – maybe we can make it viral? 🙂 You can also start by retweeting other tweets about this topic, just follow the link to the hashtag, it will lead you to Twitter.

Please let me know if there are noteworthy links I should add. Thank you!

Christine aka stine1 on Society6

Society6‘s latest artist promotion is here, get free international shipping when ordering through my shop links. This offer is valid until May 8, 2016 at Midnight Pacific Time for all products and to all countries. Why not check out some of their latest product lines from my store 🙂


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