Attention! Upcoming Changes to #Society6 – Information and Rant

Have you gotten an email from Society6 with planned changes? Well, I had not but thanks to an online friend who forwarded me the information, I can share it with you here: Hello, You are receiving this email because you are a valued member of the Society6 artist community. Today, we have updated our TermsContinue reading “Attention! Upcoming Changes to #Society6 – Information and Rant”

My notable print on demand sales in Q1/2023

Can anyone still remember me blogging about my print on demand sales on the different pod website on a monthly basis? That was before kids, in the good old days – when I still had TIME on my hands *lol* Anyways, sales were rather slow in the first quarter of 2023 after a reasonably goodContinue reading “My notable print on demand sales in Q1/2023”

Design of the Day: Cosmic Coffee Cup ☕✨🌌 #AIArt

Enjoy this cosmic coffee or tea – the mug is floating in outer space with the coffee/tea being a swirling galaxy of stars. Unique digital artwork by Christine aka stine1 and Artificial Intelligence. Perfect fit for any kitchen or would it better fit into your office while you sip on your hot drink? Cosmic CoffeeContinue reading “Design of the Day: Cosmic Coffee Cup ☕✨🌌 #AIArt”

My Goals for 2021

Better late than never, I did invest a few minutes to set a few goals for my print on demand and stock photo sites – let’s see what I can manage to achieve in 2021: Reach Payment Threshold on Displate ($50) Sell first stock photo via Wirestock (and to write a review about their service!)Continue reading “My Goals for 2021”