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December 2015 has been my BEST month so far with Cafepress! Due to all the Christmas shopping, I had a total of 26 sales and earned about $45. Woohoo! This is a breakthrough, especially since Zazzle had been disappointing during Christmas season 2015 🙂

Since Cafepress’ embedded code is still not working, I will continue to post screenshot of my sales along with links to my profile page where you can take a look at all designs and products:

My Cafepress Sales December 2015

My Cafepress Sales December 2015

October 2014 was the first month with increased sales due to the Christmas shopping season. I was able to sell four items. One of them has been removed from the marketplace, so I cannot link to it anymore. The removal is due to me editing and improving my older designs so it’s not really gone.

Here are the two items, the picture frame has sold twice to two individual customers:

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