My Zazzle Referrals in 2018

Every few months I do check my referral sales on Zazzle. You do get 15% for referring a sale to Zazzle  – no matter whether it is your product/design or someone else’s. I was rather surprised to see 8 referral sales for 2018. I had zero in 2017! These are the items I referred aContinue reading “My Zazzle Referrals in 2018”

My GrabYourDesign Sales in January 2019

I had a bit forgotten about GrabYourDesign (GYD) until I received another payout from them. They are a rather slow earner for me with little royalties compared to other print on demand websites but they do a LOT to spread your products out there and make sure your designs can reach a broad customer base.Continue reading “My GrabYourDesign Sales in January 2019”

Some of my Santa Monica Travel Souvenirs to buy online

I do have such a wide array of Santa Monica Pier travel souvenir items available in so many print on demand webshops, it is overwhelming for myself sometimes *lol* Please feel free to check them out if you are looking for a keepsake to remind you of your Los Angeles or California vacation. I doContinue reading “Some of my Santa Monica Travel Souvenirs to buy online”