Milestone on Getty Images: 399 of my Photos available

Getty Images has just accepted many new photgraphs from us through EyeEm and it’s a total of 399 stock photos now! This is a milestone I am very happy about!

Christine aka stine1 on Getty Images
Christine aka stine1 on Getty Images

Do you sell stock photos on Getty Images?


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2 thoughts on “Milestone on Getty Images: 399 of my Photos available

  1. I had checked out EyeEm after reading about it on your site not long ago and I wanted to open an account and forgot about it. I just signed up and I am going to start adding photographs. My photographs are not professional like yours, but I am going to upload some just the same. I really love your photographs, so very stunning and great quality.


  2. Oh, thank you very much for the compliment. I really do hope they will accept your photos. Would you mind sharing your profile link? I’d love to follow. I am uploading ALL photos we made – the good, the bad and the really ugly. You never know what they are looking for and there is one in particular with the green lawn that was accepted to Getty and has been selling a few times already…. I NEVER thought they would accept it…


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