My GrabYourDesign Sales in January 2019

I had a bit forgotten about GrabYourDesign (GYD) until I received another payout from them. They are a rather slow earner for me with little royalties compared to other print on demand websites but they do a LOT to spread your products out there and make sure your designs can reach a broad customer base.Continue reading “My GrabYourDesign Sales in January 2019”

My Amazon Merch Sales for January 2019

Ten sales in January 2019 – that’s one sale more than in December 2018. Might seem nothing to some of you, but to me it means the world *lol* Especially since I had seven of those ten sales on German Amazon DE with one t-shirt selling SIX times within the month:  

My Zazzle Sales for January 2019

Since I NEED to get back to writing blog posts on a regular basis, re-starting to write about my monthly sales seems to be a must. So please have a look at my sales on Zazzle for the month of January in 2019: Forest Love – Heart in Tree Green Photo Collage Business Card byContinue reading “My Zazzle Sales for January 2019”