My notable print on demand sales in Q1/2023

Can anyone still remember me blogging about my print on demand sales on the different pod website on a monthly basis? That was before kids, in the good old days – when I still had TIME on my hands *lol* Anyways, sales were rather slow in the first quarter of 2023 after a reasonably goodContinue reading “My notable print on demand sales in Q1/2023”

Christine aka stine1 is testing @ArtgrabCo – selling Album Cover Art

I have found Art Grab today, a website where artists can sell unique pieces of artwork, e.g. for album covers. After creating a profile I have added a few square designs. The service does not charge upfront fees and only keeps 20% of earnings when you sell something. It think is a fair deal andContinue reading “Christine aka stine1 is testing @ArtgrabCo – selling Album Cover Art”

Find rare unique artwork by Christine aka stine1 on #ArtfulCanvas #wallart #uniqueart #rareart #artistcommunity

I am over the moon, I mean I am really, really, really happy and soooooo excited about this piece of news! I have teamed up with German art printing company Artful Canvas. They are based maybe one hour from where I live and this is probably the most local project since trying to sell postcardsContinue reading “Find rare unique artwork by Christine aka stine1 on #ArtfulCanvas #wallart #uniqueart #rareart #artistcommunity”

History of Princess Goldiskull #NFTproject #NFTcollection

Since I had started to mint a few NFT collections offering them for sale, I constantly try to learn new ways of marketing. I thought I might give you some background of my NFTs – the reasons I made them and the stories that hide behind them. As a start, I would like to tellContinue reading “History of Princess Goldiskull #NFTproject #NFTcollection”