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IFTTT ist probably the most useful site on the internet when it comes to automating tasks. Do you sometimes wonder how people can manage Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and their blogs when there are only 24 hours in a day? IFTTT can do all that tedious work for you and best of all: IFTTT is FREE to use for everyone! No annoying “plus membership plan” that you have to pay for. It is free to use and I know you will love it!

What IFTTT is currently doing for me:

  • sending a tweet every 24 hours to remind people of my blog (and to stay active on Twitter even if there are no news or when I am away)
  • automatically tweets when I am saving something to Pocket (don’t have a Pocket account yet? Sign up 🙂 )
  • tweets whenever I share something on Google+ with a link to that Google+ post
  • share Pinterest stuff to Delicious (sign up for Delicious!)
  • share Pinterest post to Tumblr (sign up for your free Tumblr blog!)
  • share WordPress blog posts (stine1.info is mine) to Diigo (you know what to do: sign up!), Delicious, LinkedIN (sign up!), Twitter and Tumblr!
  • save links from favourite tweets to Pocket
  • when I share new videos on Youtube, they get shared on Twitter, Pocket, Tumblr, Delicious and LinkedIN
  • When I have new products in my Zazzle shop, they get shared with Pocket, Tumblr, a Blogger/Blogspot blog and Twitter

So many tasks, can you imagine doing this all by yourself – day by day? Nah…. me neither!

I am planning on writing a long description on how to use IFTTT in the near future, maybe even publish it as an ebook. Would this be something you are interested in?

For now, please check out the “About” page of IFTTT for a short explanation and do not hesitate to ask your questsions in the comment section below or to check out the related articles.

You might wonder why I am posting less. Ah well, life offline is too busy.

Zazzle is working fine for me, Christmas season 2013 was not as great as Christmas 2012 (I had expected to earn a lot more!) but it is decent.

On Cafepress, I made three more sales (hurray!) so that also seems to work well for me.

But the most surprising online earning since November is Youtube. Yes, Youtube! I started to regularly post interesting niche videos and suddenly my views skyrocketed. I am now counting in thousands, not in tens as I used to *lol*

My Youtube channel can be found here, in case you are a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey. It definitely pays off to hop on a bandwagon *lol* I have earned over $100 in the last 30 days and views keep increasing.

In order to earn money with Youtube you need an Adsense account by Google.

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