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After almost one year with not many mentionable pirate copies and bootleg products on the Marketplace, Chinese copy cats strike again and this time they are fighting with self-adhesive window stickers and door stickers. They ripped the image off a glass coaster (it says so in the title) and I have reported LOTS of them today. I have an up-to-date collection of them – using Amazon’s Wishlist feature to keep them together so that I can check their status without having to bookmark anything:

Do you search for pirate copies and report them?

Update 2020-06-30: was very fast this time. It took them less than 12 hours to remove all reported copies!

I do have a sub-page to this blog with links to all my print on demand webshops and I finally had the time to put all the links together. It’s updated now for your convenience:

Christine aka stine1 - Shop my Designs

Christine aka stine1 – Shop my Designs

Hurray, at last one more “Design of the Day” post after a very long time. I’d like to present one of my most recent designs called “The funky Great Wave off Kanagawa” based on the original “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. I have added a colorful twist to this piece of royalty-free fine art.

Please check out (and share) this little test video I have created with Vimeo based on a few Redbubble products, including links to all my print on demand webshops with this design in them:

Check it out on Redbubble:





Pixels is part of FineArtAmerica, where they used to concentrate on “hip” products like smartphone cases. FAA concentrates on wall art – Pixels on the modern products. At least, that was the plan a few years ago, I guess a few things have been mixed up by now. Anyway, I am writing this blog post since I have yet to make my first ever FAA sale. I have been on there many years ago, sold nothing and deleted my images. Then I reactivated my account over one year ago, have uploaded the maximum of 25 images for free members and guess what? No sale…

When they announced their face masks I was very hopefully to finally sell something… but nope… still nada, zilch, niente. So I guess I have to get on track promoting my FAA products MORE! And this is one step in promoting them: writing a blog post 😉

I’d like to present my most beautiful cloth face masks from Pixels, maybe it will help. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Yellow Pop Art Santa Monica Pier Cloth Face Mask

Yellow Pop Art Santa Monica Pier Cloth Face Mask

Bright and yellow, pop art style digital art showing the famous and popular Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, California. Perfect not only for Santa Monica residents but also for guests and tourists on their summer vacation. Malibu and Venice Beach, I’m coming! 🏖🏝🌅

Vintage Retro Flower Collage Face Mask

Vintage Retro Flower Collage Face Mask

Beautiful retro floral photo collage with desert flower photos shot near Death Valley. Sepia tones make this one special. I’d love to wear it myself! 💐

Neon Nights on Curacao Face Mask

Neon Nights on Curacao Face Mask

Digital artwork by my husband, based on one of our original photographs from our Caribbean cruise with AIDAluna a few years ago. Willemstad on Curacao features beautiful architecture and unique colorful houses. This night shot with a neon lights effect makes it very special.

Downtown Seattle Rainbow Bokeh Face Mask

Downtown Seattle Rainbow Bokeh Face Mask

Seattle’s famous Space Needle among the downtown skyline. Bokeh effect in rainbow colors added. One of my favorite pieces of fanart for Fifty Shades of Grey or Grey’s Anatomy.

Today is June 20 – avid Zazzlers might know the 20th of a month is THE day where you can change your standard royalty. You can change the royalty on every day of the month but the changes will only go live on the 20th. 🤦‍♀️

Since the current financial situation (hello pandemic 😢) is not very bright for many of us all around the world, I thought I might temporarily reduce my royalty. It was set to 30% since shortly before the pandemic to test how my sales would compete and I do think this has to stop. At least for one of two months. I might raise it just in time for Q4 before Christmas, who knows?

It’s another royalty experiment with Zazzle always being the most expensive of all print on demand shops – at least that’s my perception. I am asking myself for years why anyone is still buying anything from Zazzle. It’s probably a mix of truly unique print on demand products not even Artsadd can offer (and they offer MANY different items!) and the “made in USA” label they are holding up.

Anyway, have you ever changed your royalty settings for Zazzle, Redbubble or Society6?

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