How to know Christmas Season is close? #stopimagetheft

How to know Christmas Season is coming closer and closer? The thiefs on Amazon are adding more and more Chinese cheap trach knock-offs of our products with our designs on them! I have just filed the possible biggest ticket to Amazon US in my own history of image theft war ever: This is abso-fu**ing-lutely un-fu**ing-acceptable!Continue reading “How to know Christmas Season is close? #stopimagetheft”

Pirate Copies of my digital artwork on Amazon Marketplace 🤮🤮🤮 #stopimagetheft

After almost one year with not many mentionable pirate copies and bootleg products on the Marketplace, Chinese copy cats strike again and this time they are fighting with self-adhesive window stickers and door stickers. They ripped the image off a glass coaster (it says so in the title) and I have reported LOTS ofContinue reading “Pirate Copies of my digital artwork on Amazon Marketplace 🤮🤮🤮 #stopimagetheft”

Fight against Image Theft on Amazon! #stopimagetheft

Image theft on the Amazon Marketplace is a huge deal. Are you a designer selling your artwork or photos on Zazzle and/or Society6? Then it is very likely that your designs have been stolen from mainly Chinese businesses and are sold on Amazon without you getting one cent from it! So far, we do notContinue reading “Fight against Image Theft on Amazon! #stopimagetheft”