My EyeEm Sales in September 2020 📷❤

New month, new sales (in the previous month). I have sold one photo of my daughter unwrapping Christmas gifts 🙂 It’s part of a whole series under the Christmas tree – cute as a button on her first Christmas. I must admit I had and still have mixed feelings about uploading her (and her brother’s)Continue reading “My EyeEm Sales in September 2020 📷❤”

How to know Christmas Season is close? #stopimagetheft

How to know Christmas Season is coming closer and closer? The thiefs on Amazon are adding more and more Chinese cheap trach knock-offs of our products with our designs on them! I have just filed the possible biggest ticket to Amazon US in my own history of image theft war ever: This is abso-fu**ing-lutely un-fu**ing-acceptable!Continue reading “How to know Christmas Season is close? #stopimagetheft”

Why you should not sell your artwork on Design by Humans #stopimagetheft #SunFrogShirts

About three years ago I thought it would be wise to open an account and store on Design by Humans to sell my artwork and photos to a broader customer base. And now I must admit it was a mistake. DBH does NOT add watermarks to your works and makes it very easy for copycatsContinue reading “Why you should not sell your artwork on Design by Humans #stopimagetheft #SunFrogShirts”

New Approach to fight Copycats on Amazon #stopimagetheft – Part 2

A few days ago, I had written that I will order some copyright infringements from French Amazon to whip someone’s a$$. I have also ordered four doormats from Spanish Amazon and am looking very forward to checking the quality, leaving  reviews and most of all: report them for copyright infringement! I will keep you updated.

Q4 has launched – please keep fighting against Image Theft! #stopimagetheft

Q4 (4th quarter of the year) is here, usually the biggest sales will hit us in the print on demand industry so please do not give up reporting copyright infringements on Amazon Marketplace and other websites! I often hear artists complaining that reporting those copycats will not earn them money and they have to doContinue reading “Q4 has launched – please keep fighting against Image Theft! #stopimagetheft”