Why you should not sell your artwork on Design by Humans #stopimagetheft #SunFrogShirts

About three years ago I thought it would be wise to open an account and store on Design by Humans to sell my artwork and photos to a broader customer base. And now I must admit it was a mistake. DBH does NOT add watermarks to your works and makes it very easy for copycatsContinue reading “Why you should not sell your artwork on Design by Humans #stopimagetheft #SunFrogShirts”

DBH Artists: Your work is on Society6! #stopimagetheft

  Unbelievable… after copycats still stealing our designs from Society6, Cafepress and Zazzle the next can of worms has just been opened! Are you a designer/artist on Design by Humans (DBH)? Then you should definitely check out these Society6 members and “their” designs since they have stolen images right off DBH! https://society6.com/search/prints?q=DBH+artist I have justContinue reading “DBH Artists: Your work is on Society6! #stopimagetheft”

My Recent #DesignByHumans Sales: August 2015

After my first sale in March 2015, I had two more sales (both t-shirts) in August 2015 on Design By Humans (DBH).   I do not yet sell much on DBH but I really hope I can increase my sales. Related articles The Hundreds Fall 2015 Highlights :: Graphic T – Shirts :: Available NowContinue reading “My Recent #DesignByHumans Sales: August 2015”

My first Sale on Design by Humans (March 2015)

Shortly after opening my shop on Design by Humans (DBH) I already had a sale. It was a t-shirt with one of my favourite designs and of course it’s one of my famous Santa Monica Pier photo edits. This is the shirt I was able to sell, I have earned $3 which I have alreadyContinue reading “My first Sale on Design by Humans (March 2015)”


I have just opened a shop at Designs by Humans (DBH) this month. They are selling apparel, smartphone cases and art prints. There are two small disadvantages about DBH: Paypal verification for your shop costs $1 You are limited to 60 designs in your shop Apart from that I read from various sellers that theyContinue reading “My Designs on DESIGN BY HÜMANS”