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Hurray, at last one more “Design of the Day” post after a very long time. I’d like to present one of my most recent designs called “The funky Great Wave off Kanagawa” based on the original “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. I have added a colorful twist to this piece of royalty-free fine art.

Please check out (and share) this little test video I have created with Vimeo based on a few Redbubble products, including links to all my print on demand webshops with this design in them:

Check it out on Redbubble:





A small Zazzle sale to Japan.

This was a small sale of one postcard to Japan. The design is a royalty-free one and suitable for all medical jobs, e.g. nurses or doctors:

Blue Rod of Asclepius Post Card
Blue Rod of Asclepius Post Card by stineshop

The buyer is 山本 千春 from 市川市 in Japan. Unfortunately, I can’t read or speak Japanese so I have no idea who really bought this from which city. But thank you anyway 🙂

This sale has earned me another $0.08 this year!


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