Safety and Security Advice for Selling NFTs

My dearest blog readers, you might like my new adventure jumping into the NFT market or not – print on demand will always stay my favourite hobby! Although I have just started a few weeks ago and have already sold one NFT (YAY 💥) the huge amount of scammers trying to rip me and youContinue reading “Safety and Security Advice for Selling NFTs”

Amazon Sellers are copying your Designs from Society6! #scam (updated)

Are you a designer on Society6? Did you know that Society6 is also selling our products on Amazon – which is great since it broadens our potential customers. But somehow, Chinese sellers (I have only found Chinese sellers, so it seems they are all solely from China) are stealing your designs (mainly pillows and phoneContinue reading “Amazon Sellers are copying your Designs from Society6! #scam (updated)”