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Liebe Grüße – Postkarten und Grußkarten aus Leverkusen

auf Facebook, Pinterest oder als Society6 Collection 🙂

Grußkarten aus Leverkusen auf Society6

Schaut vorbei für Fotokarten aus Leverkusen, Opladen und dem Bergischen Land.


I finally have the proof how to skyrocket your sales on Society6 and it’s the theory I have been testing on and off for quite some time. Actually, I tried to do this since I had started with Society6 back in 2014.

Are you ready for this unveiling?

Are you ready to invest a few minutes daily to increase your earnings?

Yes, of course you do need some investment. But you do NOT (I repeat NOT!) invest any money! You do not need to pay for advertising, you do not need how to use Facebook ads, you just need a few minutes of your time. Works best if you try to do this daily!

The key are the promotions 💖 and I can finally present you some proof!

Selling your art on Society6 has always been hard – as it is with every print on demand website, to be honest. You need to get exposure for your art and products, you need your designs to get ranked high in search results. Ugh… you can have the BEST designs, photos and artwork in the world. They are rather useless with no one seeing them.

Let’s take a look at the first screenshot and let me explain what we see:

On this screenshot you can see my sold items from September to December 2019. It is not zero but it is not really good either. One sale in December, November and October each. I did do lots of pinning to Pinterest during that time because hey, Q4 should mean increased sales due to Christmas… well, as you can see social media like Pinterest did not really help me. One sale per month is not worth the hassle.

But can you see September? 4 sales during that month – what happened? What did I do differently? I can tell you: During September 2019, I concentrated on exchanging hearts (promotions) on Society6 with my favourite Facebook group.

You post a link (use your curator link!) to the group and receive promotions and sometimes even comments from the other group members. And then it is VITAL to return the favour! Give and take! You can also comment to other people’s posts after promoting them – with your design link added to get the favour returned. Receive 15 hearts (comments count, too!) to get your work added to the public Society6 search engine and to receive a chance to be added to Houzz where it can find more potential buyers.

During January 2020, I did not do much promotion of any kind and I had zero sales. I was dumbfounded and had to change that. I made February 2020 my “Society6 promotion month”. I exchanged hearts almost daily, I worked my Facebook group a$$ off and guess what? Let’s take a look at the result:

BAM! $33 in total and we still have a few hours to go 😉

So if you are really looking for tips and advice how to use social media to increase your Society6 earnings, this is all you need! Join our Society6 sharing group and exchange hearts with us 💖

Ich werde wohl von Zeit zu Zeit auch auf Deutsch schreiben, wenn es Themen sind, bei denen es sich einfach ergibt. Das deutsche Facebook schreit nicht gerade nach einem Blogpost auf Englisch, das würde wahrscheinlich niemanden interessieren und übersetzen kann man auch nicht alles.

Ich wollte eben auf Facebook einen Beitrag in einer Gruppe wegen Spam melden (Ein Striptease-Video hat in einer Gruppe für Künstler auf Society6 also nun wirklich nichts verloren!) und da fiel mir ein neuer Punkt ins Auge, mit dem man einen Beitrag melden kann:


Brutto-Content auf Facebook melden

Screenshot: Brutto-Content auf Facebook melden

Ich kenne diesen Begriff nicht und tat das, was ich in so einem Fall immer tue. Ich habe Google gefragt. Mit dem Ergebnis, das auch auf Heise jemand im Forum fragt, was das sein soll aber niemand hat eine Antwort darauf!

Kann doch nicht sein… also habe ich die Hilfeseiten von Facebook durchsucht und befragt und das Ergebnis hätte ich nun wirklich nicht erwartet:

Was ist Brutto-Content?

Was ist Brutto-Content?


Ich bin noch keinen Millimeter schlauer geworden. Sobald ich etwas herausfinde, gibt es dazu hier mehr. Oder wisst ihr etwas? Ist damit vielleicht Content Dritter gemeint? Vielleicht sogar eine Urheberrechtsverletzung? Wir werden es hoffentlich sehen! Ich habe dazu auch ein Thema im Hilfeforum von Facebook eröffnet.

A few days ago I have come across Like4Like’s service. The concept is not news to me, but it is the first free service that I actually LIKE to use – no pun intended! The concept is simple, you might already know it yourself: You earn credits for following, liking and commenting on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and can use those credits to receive a vast variety of social interaction from other users.

Like4Like.org - Social Media Exchange

Like4Like.org – Social Media Exchange

Have a Pinterest pin that needs some repinning or a Twitter tweet that needs some likes? Earn some credits and trade them in. Very useful service and my favorite thing about them is: You do NOT share any account information with them. That’s a huge safety plus!

The popular Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles is a famous landmark of California. Its Ferris wheel and roller coaster are a prominent feature, just like the huge Hollywood sign.

They attract tourists and citizens alike. It’s a great place to have some fun in Santa Monica whether you want to hang out at the beach or do some shopping along the coast.

We had been to the Santa Monica Pier ourselves during 2010 and shot a few photos like this one, which is available as a postcard on Zazzle:

If you are looking for a variety of Santa Monica Pier travel souvenirs to remember your vacation, there is a new Facebook page to keep you updated:

Santa Monica Pier Travel Souvenirs on Facebook

I will not only post links to buy souvenirs but also news and tidbits about this tourist attraction. You are welcome to join in the fun and like my page 🙂

Here are a few examples of souvenirs and keepsakes from Zazzle:

Santa Monica Pier Sunrise Poster
Santa Monica Pier Sunrise Poster

Santa Monica Pier Grey Sparkles Shower Curtain
Santa Monica Pier Grey Sparkles Shower Curtain

Santa Monica Pier Pink Explosion Magnet
Santa Monica Pier Pink Explosion Magnet


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