Calvendo – Kalenderprojekt “Future Fashion” wird von der Jury hervorgehoben ­čśü

Na sowas, das freut mich MEGA. Ich habe soeben eine Email erhalten mit der Info, dass mein neuer Kalender “Future Fashion” in der Anzeige f├╝r H├Ąndler und Kunden hervorgehoben und auf der ersten Seite angezeigt wird. Das sind wunderbare Nachrichten! Es ├╝berbr├╝ckt auf jeden Fall die Wartezeit zur Abrechnung des 3. Quartals 2022 und desContinue reading “Calvendo – Kalenderprojekt “Future Fashion” wird von der Jury hervorgehoben ­čśü”

Design of the Day: I can see you… ~ prints @Zazzle @Society6 @Redbubble @TeePublic #Pictorem #nft @OpenSea

Eerie, strange and a bit scary: Portrait in grey hues of a female humanlike figure, its head veiled and blindfolded with an intricate piece of cloth falling apart into golden threads. Is it all just a dream? Digital AI Art by Christine aka stine1 with the help of Stable Diffusion.        

Safety and Security Advice for Selling NFTs

My dearest blog readers, you might like my new adventure jumping into the NFT market or not – print on demand will always stay my favourite hobby! Although I have just started a few weeks ago and have already sold one NFT (YAY ­čĺą) the huge amount of scammers trying to rip me and youContinue reading “Safety and Security Advice for Selling NFTs”

A.I. Musings – Texts and Art by Artificial Minds – Test Short Version FREE as Audio Book

Possibilities with AI tools are almost endless and here we are, they can even read a text to you. So why not publish an excerpt from my latest book about Artificial Intelligence (that was already written and illustrated by AI) all read by another AI? Mindblowing, AI Inception? Haha, who knows. Anyway, this audio fileContinue reading “A.I. Musings – Texts and Art by Artificial Minds – Test Short Version FREE as Audio Book”

#NFTdrop Cathodic AI Dreams: Creepy Collectibles @OpenSea

I have just created and minted a new collection with NFTs on OpenSea. It’s part of my “Cathodic AI Dreams” Series and named “Creepy Collectibles”. As you can see, each piece is as unique as can be – collect your favorites or collect them all. Cathodic AI Dreams: Creepy Collectibles is a strange and creepyContinue reading “#NFTdrop Cathodic AI Dreams: Creepy Collectibles @OpenSea”