Attention! Upcoming Changes to #Society6 – Information and Rant

Have you gotten an email from Society6 with planned changes? Well, I had not but thanks to an online friend who forwarded me the information, I can share it with you here: Hello, You are receiving this email because you are a valued member of the Society6 artist community. Today, we have updated our TermsContinue reading “Attention! Upcoming Changes to #Society6 – Information and Rant”

My Society6 Sales in May 2020 – Santa Monica Pier Sunrise Outdoor Pillow ðŸŒ…

After weeks and weeks filled with exchanging hearts on Society6 and harvesting the increasing sales from this method… my sales CRASHED! I only had one lousy sale in May 2020. What a joke… At least, I just noticed that I did get a 5 star review on this pillow design. Hurray 🥂✨🎉👏 Thank you soContinue reading “My Society6 Sales in May 2020 – Santa Monica Pier Sunrise Outdoor Pillow ðŸŒ…”

Research: Did Society6 get bought by Amazon?

I had this really interesting search term “did society6 get bought by amazon” for my blog during January 2019 and I thought it might be funny to investigate a bit. To be honest, and to not put too many of your hopes into that: I did not find anything that REALLY clarifies this situation butContinue reading “Research: Did Society6 get bought by Amazon?”