First AI Art Sales are rolling in 😍✨ #Society6 #Teepublic #AIArt #catlovers #blogging

Hurray, I can brag about the first three products sold with my AI Art – Art created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. These are the three t-shirts: Do you like these two creations? I sure love them as they are so unique and extraordinary.

My TeePublic Sales in January 2021

I had a few sales and I do notice a pattern… Sales seem to come in 2-3 days after a new upload. Without uploading new images, I don’t get any sales. Mhh… will further test this but all of the following sales listed in this article followed this pattern:

My TeePublic Sales in December 2020

New year, new luck. Well, still talking about December 2020. Let’s hope for the best. I had 4 sales on TeePublic in December 2020:   I am really happy about these sales, I had never sold anything with my scenic Death Valley photo before.

My TeePublic Sales in October 2020

Grr, only one sale on TeePublic in October 2020, the previous months had definitely been better!