AI Videos by Christine aka stine1 #AIArt @Dailymotion @NightcafeStudio

Some of you might already know that I have created a few short video clips with the help of NightCafé Studio. They are based on AI generated images and the artificial intelligence made surreal videos out those images. And when I say/write surreal, I mean CRAZY 😆🌌🙀✨ Anyway, since Youtube does not like me andContinue reading “AI Videos by Christine aka stine1 #AIArt @Dailymotion @NightcafeStudio”

In my Mind – Abstract Surreal Video Art created by Artificial Intelligence

“In my Mind” is a wild ride, an abstract and very surreal video based on digital artwork created by Nightcafé Studio’s artificial intelligence algorithm with Stable Diffusion. How creative can computers be?   See the original video here with the start image and open prompts: