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Cozy Fall Sweaters
Sweater weather is finally here! Create a new set featuring your chic new must have.

Cozy Fall Sweaters #fallsweaters


Beach hoodie

Magnet sticker


Grace (@soccer-vball-girl) is looking for a new beach themed icon for her profile. Why not choose mine? 🙂

Beach Icon Contest


I have been extremely inactive on both Printalloverme (PAOM) and CowCow in over one year and now I would like to make it official: I owe to not add any new designs to these two print-on-demand websites anymore.

The reason is probably pretty understandable: Sales and earnings are not worth it. Period.

While the number of sales on CowCow is still ok (some months I have 20, some months I have 0), the earnings are cents.

On PAOM, I have one sale every few months. Given their really TEDIOUS process of cerating new products, it is simply horrible.

My already designed products will stay online, so will my shops and accounts. I will even try to integrate them into my Polyvore sets where suitable but do not expect new things to arrive.

How are these two sites working for you?

Going to the Prom

Going to the Prom

Going to the Prom


Heeled sandals

Apt 9 crossbody purse
€35 –

Incipio tech accessory
€55 –

Evening dress

Make it FLORAL

Presenting the Gucci Garden Exclusive Collection
Create a look that captures the magic of the Gucci Garden Exclusive Collection, with lush florals, butterflies, bees and the king snake.

Make it FLORAL


Be happy

Be happy, it drives people crazy!

Be happy


Red slip dress

Red dress

Mini necklace

Tech accessory

Japanese Symbol for Strength

Can you look chic for less? Create an outfit with a skirt that’s under $50.

Check out this beautiful black skirt with various tops and t-shirts designed by Christine aka stine1.

Skirt Under $50


Purple tank top
€43 –

Cropped top
€18 –

Cropped top
€22 –

Zibi London lace skirt
€36 –

Fun in the Sun: Pool Floats
Get the pool party started with cute floats! From pizza slices to flamingos, create a home set showing us which ones you’ll be taking to the pool!

What will you take to the pool with you? I would love the pink flamingo or the yellow rubber duckie 🙂

Fun in the Sun: Pool Floats


Beach shower curtain
€84 –

Heart sticker
€5,32 –

Bikini swimwear
€14 –

Flip flops

White purse
€17 –

Big Mouth Giant Rubber Ducky Pool Float
€27 –

Pink Flamingo Pool Float
€44 –

Tech accessory

Cute Strawberry jeans shorts by Romwe combined with fashion items and accessories designed by Christine aka stine1.

Color me RED


Zip pullover

Platform shoes

Tech accessory

Vintage coffee mug

Red home decor

Red home decor

Fellow Zazzlers have a pretty cool and free forum where we all can chat about print on demand websites like Zazzle, Cafepress, Society6, Live Heroes, Redbubble, Cowcow and all others. You can exchange links, get help with problems and learn a lot about promotion and creating products. Please join 🙂

POD Promote Forum

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