No new Designs for #Printalloverme and #CowCow anymore

I have been extremely inactive on both Printalloverme (PAOM) and CowCow in over one year and now I would like to make it official: I owe to not add any new designs to these two print-on-demand websites anymore. The reason is probably pretty understandable: Sales and earnings are not worth it. Period. While the numberContinue reading “No new Designs for #Printalloverme and #CowCow anymore”

My Recent #CowCow Sales: October 2015

October 2015 had a huge surprise for me in store. My sales on CowCow exploded! I have no idea why it came this sudden after two years with one or two sales per year but now I am starting to see the light. CowCow is starting to pay off although the royalty percentage is extremelyContinue reading “My Recent #CowCow Sales: October 2015”

My Recent CowCow Sales: September 2015

After 4 months of no sales (not a surprise), I was able to sell 4 smartphone cases on CowCow. I am wondering why smartphone cases and nothing else? And the earnings are pretty ridiculous, depending on the model I have earned $0.10 to $0.77 – yes, that’s not a mistake, that’s CENTS! Anyway, here areContinue reading “My Recent CowCow Sales: September 2015”

My Recent CowCow Sales: May 2015

During May 2015, I had my THIRD ever sale on Cowcow in my active 2 years and guess what I have earned with this surprise? 10 CENTS! Cowcow really is a disappointment to me! Related articles Seattle Travel Souvenirs Tooletries – made tough. Built for travel. Outstanding Yoga Towel That Is Highly Absorbing And AlsoContinue reading “My Recent CowCow Sales: May 2015”

My Recent CowCow Sales: February 2015

I had one sale in February 2014 and one sale in February 2015 *lol* One sale per year is not really something I am happy about especially since the royalty earning is very small but maybe I will get a payment one day. So, may I present my CowCow sale from February 2015: Related articlesContinue reading “My Recent CowCow Sales: February 2015”