Over 1 year ago I had signed up with Cowcow.com – one of many print-on-demand websites out there that let you open a shop, upload your designs and sell your products. Within this year, I have uploaded over 100 of my best photos and digital art and guess what? I had ONE sale. Yes, ONE.

Ok, creating products with your designs is pretty easy (once you understand how it is working). You upload your photo and add title, description and tags and are done within a minute. So I had thought this might be a really great site – not much time invested, not much money earned (the royalty is less than with other sites) BUT if products do sell regularly you could still earn a quick buck. But that is not the case with Cowcow and me.

My shop can be found here: http://www.cowcow.com/stineshop

As you can see it is pretty much a mess and I did not find out how to organize it better.

By the way this is my sales report:

Cowcow Sales Report

Cowcow Sales Report

Pretty depressing if you ask me. I an contemplating to not add any more designs to Cowcow. Do you have any experience with this POD website that you would like to share with us?