My Recent theKase Sales: April 2015

With March 2015 being already slower than the months before, April 2015 is even more slower. I have only sold eight cases during that month, seven with my popular Caribbean palm tree and one with a different design. Here are the two designs which earned me $10.81 in total: Related articles Trinidad James | PalmContinue reading “My Recent theKase Sales: April 2015”

My Recent theKase Sales: March 2015

After a pretty huge Christmas season on the Kase, spring seems to slow down a lot. In addition, theKase does not accept any new works by me as they want to decrease their portfolio and tidy up their shops. During March 2015, I have only sold 14 cases – 10 with my popular Caribbean palmContinue reading “My Recent theKase Sales: March 2015”

Bokeh Effect iPhone 6 Wallet Cases from Zazzle

Check out these iPhone 6 wallett cases with colorful bokeh effects available on Zazzle: Santa Monica Pier Golden Purple Bokeh iPhone 6 Wallet Case by stineshop Shop for Santa monica pier Wallet Cases online at Bokeh Art iPhone 6 Wallet Case by Wonderful12345 Check out other Light Wallet Cases at Bokeh Hearts SantaContinue reading “Bokeh Effect iPhone 6 Wallet Cases from Zazzle”

My Recent CowCow Sales: February 2015

I had one sale in February 2014 and one sale in February 2015 *lol* One sale per year is not really something I am happy about especially since the royalty earning is very small but maybe I will get a payment one day. So, may I present my CowCow sale from February 2015: Related articlesContinue reading “My Recent CowCow Sales: February 2015”

Get a Case for your new Samsung Galaxy S6 now!

Did you get one of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphones and are in need of a unique case to protect it? theKase already offers cases for the Galaxy S6 and you can order them online. Here are some designs from my shop, just click on the picture:     Related articles Samsung S6Continue reading “Get a Case for your new Samsung Galaxy S6 now!”