Zazzle Content Review gone wild!

Ok, I just had a very good laugh when checking my emails.

Zazzle has removed one of my new designs. You can see it attached to this topic.
It is one of the altars from Cologne Cathedral.

Guess what the reason for deletion is?

“Design may contain nudity, depicts artistic nudity and/or be considered sexually suggestive, pornographic or obscene”

Uhm, yeah…

Am I the only one not understanding this?

What do you – Zazzler or not – think about this?


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One thought on “Zazzle Content Review gone wild!

  1. The rejection of the design is by the US Postage (USPS) whose criteria are rather extreme. All postage stamps are reviewed by USPS, not Zazzle Content Management. Nudity in ANY context will get rejected by USPS on stamps. You’ll probably find that the design can be published on other Zazzle products (at least at an appropriate rating if necessary).


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