POD Review: Ravensburger Puzzle World

Dear Puzzlers, Dear POD Artists, You do know I LOVE sharing new print on demand opportunities with you and who on this planet does not love to either solve or sell (I myself hate solving puzzles 😂) puzzles? A few days ago I literally stumbled upon the Ravensburger Puzzle World by German puzzle manufacturer RavensburgerContinue reading “POD Review: Ravensburger Puzzle World”

Christine aka stine1 on MiPic

And the second new print on demand website I have found this month is MiPic. It’s a British service, let’s see how they will cope with Brexit 😉 What I like about them is the really nice social sharing possibilities. I have uploaded a few designs and am waiting for the first sale now. IContinue reading “Christine aka stine1 on MiPic”

Christine aka stine1 on Noir Gallery

Yay, I have found another new (at least for me) print on demand website where you can upload your designs and photos and they sell products not only on their own website but also on some others. I have yet to find out where exactly, it’s all rather vague. Anyway, the first pieces are upContinue reading “Christine aka stine1 on Noir Gallery”

My Recent theKase Sales: July to October 2015 #IAMUNIK

My sales on theKase have dropped this summer significally so I will sum a few months up. Let me show you my sales from July, August, September and October 2015 so that you can see the decrease. I have also not added more designs because all of them get denied and I am tired ofContinue reading “My Recent theKase Sales: July to October 2015 #IAMUNIK”

Check out my stuff on Fruitfish

Fruitfish is my latest adventure in testing POD (print-on-demand) websites. They are Taiwanese and I hope this will open up a new target group and market for my designs and photos. Creating products is pretty easy, it takes about as long as uploading all the different sizes for Society6. Please check out my products here:Continue reading “Check out my stuff on Fruitfish”