Are you curious to know how to apply for an account for Amazon Merch and design and sell t-shirts directly on Amazon’s Marketplace? If not, you definitely should be. It is one of the biggest markets in the world, a vast online shop where many customers are buying.

If you are unsure about how to apply and fill out their request form, I have found this great video online which will guide you through the process:

After you have applied for an account, let me assure you that there is NOTHING in the world you could do to influence Amazon’s decision. The requests seem to not be read and checked, it does not matter what text you use or what your brand name is, sometimes Amazon staff seem to just roll the dice. If you get rejected (and most people do get rejected), you can try it again and again and again. All you need is a new / different email address. Use generic ones or in case you have Gmail, you can have an almost unlimited amount of email address by adding a “.” to your name part of the address, e.g. myemail@gmail can also become or even That way you can create many many email addresses with only one account.


Good luck 🙂