Hey, that’s my Pic: Get Rid of Moss in Spring! Francebleu & British Express

Heyaaaaa, thanks to Copytrack I have found my often selling moss photo on both the French site Francebleu and the British Express with similar content. The topic is a no-brainer since it is a photo of our own VERY mossy lawn in the backyard and what would be more suitable for articles about moss removal?Continue reading “Hey, that’s my Pic: Get Rid of Moss in Spring! Francebleu & British Express”

My EyeEm Sales in January 2021

Early post about January earnings because there will probably not be any more earning news coming in the next two days. EyeEm will change their earning structure in February and we will probably earn less. The three sales I had in January are also quite… “funny”. “Web License” is a sale directly on EyeEm asContinue reading “My EyeEm Sales in January 2021”

Hey, that’s my Pic: BBC Serbia

Ha, you might remember this happy post from earlier this month: My EyeEm Sales in November 2020 and guess what?  Copytrack has found the sold vintage Sauerland photo on BBC Serbia! We do feel honored! My husband thought I was crazy for uploading those old photos from the 1950s to EyeEm / Getty Images. MUHAHAHAAAAAA 😜😜😜Continue reading “Hey, that’s my Pic: BBC Serbia”

My EyeEm Sales in November 2020

Hurray, I have sold one photo on Getty Images through EyeEm. I did earn less than 10 cents but hey, better than nothing. It’s an old photograph from the 1950s and something I never thought I would ever sell. See it on EyeEm here.