Most interesting Search Terms that referred People to

I just have to share my all-time funniest and most interesting search terms and phrases that referred people to my blog at Some of them are weird like “Why did THIS search term lead them to MY website?” and some are valid and interesting questions I might have an answer to. Anyway, please enjoy:


star trek transporter room bath mat shower curtain set

Uhm yes, this one definitely rules the WTF category since I cannot remember to ever have written anything about Star Trek related shower curtains or bath mats ever… but now that I think of it, where can I buy such a set for my own bathroom?


how to promote zazzle products on twitter

I don’t know, maybe share them? Ok, it might be more complicated for people to actually click on your links, so you need to entice people, create click-throughs and so on. I can only recommend to re-tweet and comment and favorite… but in the end, Twitter is not really my most favorite tool to share my stuff and hoping that people will actually SEE and CLICK and BUY. It is more of a free ping service that generates automatic views or the illusion of views and service like Ebay and alike will think that your auctions (or print on demand products) are interesting and therefore push them higher in the ranking.


business“leave a comment”

Stop spamming in my comment boxes!


does zazzle have a pinterest board for their sellers to post on

Zazzle does have official Pinterest boards but none of them are group boards – as far as I know. All Zazzle related group boards I know are created and maintained by Zazzle sellers like you and me. Have you already checked out my Pinterest boards?


why is zazzle so expensive

I guess Zazzle is noticably more expensive than other sites like Society6, Artsadd and alike because they are an US American based company and most (if not all) products are printed in the US (for the North American market, they also print some smaller things like e.g. postcards in Europe for the European market). Society6, Artsadd and most other companies print and operate in Asia. See the reason?


what would jesus brew mug simpsons

You mean this one? 🙂

can i sell my zazzle products on amazon

Yes, you can. But it would be not very clever. You could list your items on Amazon’s Marketplace and use Zazzle as some kind of dropshipping service (you would have to forward every order from Amazon to Zazzle) which would take up a LOT of your time. You would also have to be doing it every day as fast as possible since Amazon buyers expect quick service and quick shipping. How yould you handle a return? Tell them to send it to Zazzle? On top of Zazzle’s rather expensive price (scroll up for the reason), you would have to pay up to 30% of the sale price to Amazon as a fee. Yes, up to 30% depending on the type of the product. Who would buy your items? No one… invest your time in something that is making more sense…

zarabiamy w internecie

Gesundheit! I had to translate this. It is Polish for “earn money online”. So welcome my friends from Poland for stopping by. How did you find me without me ever using any Polish language?

zazzle success story

Mhh, am I a successful Zazzle designer? I hope so… I should invest more of my time into Zazzle and try to increase sales and earnings though. So much to do and so little time *sigh*

how many zazzle products do you need for sales

Which one of you knows the answer? You need ONE product. You need THE one product that someone wants to buy. Period.

did society6 get bought by amazon

Not that I know, might be funny. Why would Amazon do that? They do not need Society6 to expand their business…

do eyeem premium listings make a difference

Yes they do. Premium listings – it is called “Partner” by now – means that your stock photos are also listed on sites like Getty Images, Alamy and some others with Getty being the biggest one and the most important one as far as I know. When people intend to buy a stock photo they usually do not go to EyeEm and buy it from there. Be honest: Who in his right mind does KNOW EyeEm? Getty Images is a big player, it is one of the major stock agencies and people tend to use them. Having your photos included in their market expands your customer range immensely.


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