Why am I doing this?

The domain renewal process for stine1.info had be thinking for quite a while now. I did renew my domain name and paid way too much money for it but who is actually reading my blog?

Why did I renew it when I seem to write and post less and less content.

Is anyone really interested in reading about my monthly print on demand sales?

Please drop me a line, I really do need some encouragement *sob*


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5 thoughts on “Why am I doing this?

  1. I know what you mean! I am paying monthly fees for a website that I haven’t updated in over a year 😠 As for blogging, I am sure that my 7 followers think I am dead already because I haven’t posted in forever. I feel that everyone is using Facebook and Instagram instead… 😭 But, I try to check out your blog posts whenever I get a notification! 💋👍

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  2. Hi, I think it was you that mentioned Society 6 which I had never heard of before. I’ve made a few sales there after setting up am account (would probably be more if I worked harder at it).


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