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August 2014 was a fabulous month. I have sold a lot on Zazzle and I have sold so many cases on theKase, it was scary *lol*

theKase Sales August 2014

theKase Sales August 2014

By clicking on the screenshot, you will be directed to my profile page on theKase where you can see all my case designs. As you can see, my Isla Saona Palm Tree case design is available in 71 stores, that means actual “offline” stores. That is why they have been selling that much. They also keep selling in September, it will be an awesome Christmas time this year, that much I can predict *lol*

The 33rd week of 2013 during August was a week with a lot of sales. In total, I had 10 successfully cleared sales plus two cancellations. Here are the items I could sell, this time shared mostly from Zazzle.com.au for Australia. I am trying to build more backlinks for Zazzle’s international sites 🙂

This scenic luggage tag is listed on Amazon.com – I have no idea why and how but that way I could generate a few third-party sales. Thank you!

We had shot this picturesque photo during our Caribbean cruise in February. It has already become quite popular.

I had seen a similar mug on tv (“New Girl“) and just like my “What would Jesus brew?” mug from the Simpson’s gave it a try.

This photo was shot by my parents at the Baltic Sea in Europe.

The floating train in Wuppertal is pretty famous since it is very unusual for public transportation. I have several different photos and designs online and probably have the most of this train on Zazzle. It’s a great niche!

This key chain is a very inexpensive way to get your hands on 50 Shades of Grey merchandise 🙂

Pfahlbauten - Stilt House Museum Unteruhldingen Fridge Magnets
Pfahlbauten – Stilt House Museum Unteruhldingen Fridge Magnets by stineshop
Create Magnets with Zazzle

Another popular motive from Germany.

The perfect postcards for tourists with a bit of humor 🙂

Santa Monica Pier - Orange Sunrise Photo Edit Postcard
Santa Monica Pier – Orange Sunrise Photo Edit Postcard by stineshop
Buy a Postcard online with zazzle.com.au

Two postcards with my most popular photo on Zazzle.

Week 28 of 2013 was an average week with 5 direct sales. I have earned a total of approx. $12 with those sales, so I was more than pleased.

Here are the 5 sales I was able to generate:

This car sticker is a repated sale and the most popular item I sell in Germany. It is written in a dialect from Cologne and means “Amelie on tour”, the name and the colours can be edited and changed.

Isla Saona - Palm Tree at the Beach Dartboard With Darts
Isla Saona – Palm Tree at the Beach Dartboard With Darts by stineshop
Create a customizable dart board online at zazzle.com

This is the first dart board (if I remember correctly) I was able to sell. It’s a great photo, isn’t it?

Heart in Sand Greeting Card
Heart in Sand Greeting Card by stineshop
Create custom photo note cards at zazzle.com.

This is a pretty popular royalty-free photo I sell occasionally.

I have sold this luggage tag TWICE in one day to two different customers. I don’t think this is a coincidence. What do you think?



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