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The best wall art by Christine aka stine1 to remember your Caribbean Cruise

The best wall art by Christine aka stine1 to remember your Caribbean Cruise


Curious to find out what I have been up to lately? My latest ebook is here, so why not check it out? Maybe it is a new marketing niche you might want to try for your stuff aswell? Download it from Amazon and take a look!

I have found the search terms that lead people to my Zazzle blog and find them quite interesting.

I thought I might share this for other Zazzle bloggers. I consider it interesting to see what people search for. These searched where made within the last 4 months:

zazzle themed 3
zazzle 3
phone business card spring 2
wuppertal schwebebahn 2
congratulations mr president cards 2
messenger bag american flag 2
retro pin up hat 2
panda items 2
pin up vintage 2
business card orange 2
the hobbit gift ideas 2
oktoberfest stickers 2
painted lady house san francisco 2
открытки октоберфест 2
samsung galaxy s3 covers 2
unicorn cases for iphone 5 2
2012 hawaii pin 1
zazzle+guide+files+dart+board 1
panda i love you 1
rod of asclepius buisness card holder 1
american iphone case 1
zazzle ip[hone 5 1
panda shirt 1
playing card picture frames 1
https://stine1onzazzle.wordpress.com/2012/07/20/zazzle-sale-2012-07-03-television-tower-in-berlin-germany-sticker/ 1
floating mug for sale 1
birthday invitation pin up themes 1
zazzle kedi resmi 1
i love you panda 1
zazzle and wordpress 1
gift ideas under $15 1
canvas print “name (required)” 1
how much do you earn on zazzle 1
o’zapft is 1
zazzle sales 1
sales at zazzle 1
stine1onzazzle.wordpress.com+where-to-find-me-online 1
zazzle christmas sale 1
zazzle christmas card reviews 1
stylish galaxy s3 case 1
simpsons what would jesus brew mug 1
galaxy s3 samsung winter outfit 1
image stamp trucker 1
zazzle royalties cancelled 1
hobbit gifts 1
how to pin a website from zazzle to pinterest 1
zazzle how to post product on wanelo 1
inside san francisco victorian house 1
vintage pin up girls postcard marketing 1
stine1onzazzle.wordpress.com+frustrated-with-your-zazzle-sales 1
postcard stamp 1
hand painted eggs for sale 1
the hobbit gift ideas kids 1
pin up girls visit cards 1
come visit santa monica pin up girl postcards 1
oktoberfest bayern flagge iphone case 1
vintage blonde pinup 1
how to zazzle -zazzle.com 1

I hope this might be an inspiration for you if you do not know what to blog about 🙂


Many Zazzle sellers and affiliates fail to get many sales to earn them decent money. Read this article to receive some help.

Zazzle is an international print-on-demand service. You can shop millions of great gift ideas and presents. But they also let you design your own items with your photos or art on them and then you can sell them in a free shop. You earn royalty for every sale of your own products or 15% when you refer any sale as their affiliate.

Zazzle Stamps (Photo credit: qthrul)

I am actively designing and selling on Zazzle for less than one year and have several sales per week. My articles and blog entries on Triond or my blog Zizzling Zazzle are my proof that you can earn a decent amount without having much to do.

Many Zazzlers keep asking me what I am doing and what they need to do to increase sales and earnings on Zazzle. I have written some articles about it and I have also written my first pretty comprehensive eBook that might help you, too!

It is available on Amazon for the Kindle and on Smashwords in many more formats:

Effective but FREE marketing for your Zazzle shop and products

The good thing about my method is that it is absolutely FREE but EFFECTIVE! Before I thought about promoting my work the way I promote it now, I had maybe one sale per month. Now I have several per week and sometimes even one or more per day!

Isn’t this cool?

The second good thing about my method is that everyone can do it! You don’t need much time, you don’t have to invest any money. E with 5 minutes per day, you should be able to see an increase very soon. Furthermore, the eBook is written for everyone to understand it. I write about things everyone can do. If you have signed up for Zazzle and have already created one or a few items, then you have all it takes to understand my eBook! You don’t need to be an IT expert.

Here are some excerpts from reviews that I have received:

“So much information, clearly stated and easy to follow, I am going to use these tips to help promote my zazzle shop.” Review by: Diane H

“This book is very good for a beginner or one that has yet to figuring out how to market themselves.” Review by: Tina Shaskus

“Making a store on zazzle is very easy, but if you don’t know what to do next, what’s the point? Even for a beginner, such as myself, this book is very easy to follow. In this first book, she walks you through the steps to help make your store successful. Drawing on her own experiences, this book will help guide you on the best ways to promote your products.” Review by: Ann LaMar

And do you know what’s absolutely BEST about my eBook? It does not only work with Zazzle products! It does also work with Cafepress, Etsy, FineArtAmerica, RedBubble, Society6 and every other shop you want to promote!

Image via CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase



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