I had three sales within two days and would like to present them within one article.

So far, I had three smaller sales this week. The first two sales I did skip due to lack of time, but I would like to show them now. Let’s get started:

“Bauer” (probably the surname) from Tirschenreuth in Germany had purchased this bumper sticker:

O'zapft is! (Octoberfest) Bumper Stickers
O’zapft is! (Octoberfest) Bumper Stickers by stineshop
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Alexander from Diez in Germany has bought 15 of these post cards:

Weis-blue Bavarian flag Post Cards
Bavarian flag Post Cards by stineshop
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“M” from Glendale in Arizona has bought this postcard:

Santa Monica Pier Postcards
Santa Monica Pier Postcards by stineshop
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I have sold this specific postcard already twice this month alone. One of my best sellers. Earns me “only” about $0.10 but that’s better than nothing!

Sales have slowed down since I had increased the royalty from 10.1% to 11% but I think I am still selling enough.

How are your sales doing?