Zazzle Alternative reviewed: theKase

theKase is a relatively new competitor for Zazzle, Cafepress and other POD (print-on-demand) platforms.

It’s registered in Luxembourg and has two major advantages when compared to the “big guys”:

  1. they are focusing on cases for smartphones and tablet PCs and therefore their prices are really compatible!
  2. they have offline stores (currently three, e.g. in Singapore and Dusseldorf) where you can buy their cases after seeing, touching and testing them!

I’d really love to see their cases in Dusseldorf!

When joining theKase, there is one thing you need to know: For creators/sellers it is vital to open two accounts! When registering on theKase for an account, you only get an account to buy their cases. If you want to sell, you need to join their “creators space” which can be found at the very bottom of their page. I strongly recommend using the same email and password for both accounts or else you will get confused as hell. Believe me, you will!

Creating designs is easy, you choose smartphone or tablet, upload your design/photo/art and add a title and description. After that you need to choose categories and colors which is pretty easy. When done, they even ask you whether you would like to use the same design for a tablet if you had started with the smartphone. So basically, you need to do the designing twice for every photo/design/art BUT the site remembers your information.

What I do not really like is that sharing your work could be easier. Yes, they have the usual sharing buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest on their site but you cannot embed your designs anywhere like you can with Zazzle 😦

After one week with maybe 10 active designs I even had a sale! I am currently very busy uploading photos. I had recommended the site to a few of my Zazzle friends and most of them had sales within the first week! For one sold case (in a store!) I have earned $3.80 which is quite a lot. The payment threshold is $100 and they pay via cheque, Paypal and bank transfer – the latter only within the European Union as far as I know but without any fees. Cheque and Paypal both have small fees deducted.

If you would like to see some of my art on smartphones, check it out here:

Click on the screenshot to get to my profile page and all my cases.

And here are some of my tablet cases:

I can totally recommend trying your luck with – they are a neat little site and growing fast. Get your foot into the door now to start earning with them 🙂


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11 thoughts on “Zazzle Alternative reviewed: theKase

  1. Thank you, Angela 🙂
    I must admit I only find the time for these sites since Gather is not really an option anymore 😦


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